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  • Engaging Leaders of Good Faith and Good Will

    We move isolated individuals to collaborative engagement.

  • Building the Capacity of Others

    We move under-resourced work to empowered action.

  • Developing Joint Initiatives

    We move independent efforts to collective impact.


Where We Serve

How We Serve

Memphis Leadership Foundation provides varied levels of support through its operational programs, partnerships and affiliations.

Organizational Capacity Building

Starting a nonprofit is hard enough. MLF helps organizations with training and administrative support so that they can focus on supporting communities in need.

Volunteer Mobilization

Memphis Leadership Foundation connects people of faith and goodwill with the programs in need of hands, minds, hearts and resources.

Mobilizing Communities of Faith

We are committed to mobilizing churches and nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact. We are grateful for their support of our work through prayer and action.

Youth Mentoring & Education

We believe that learning is fundamental, so we strive to build programs and ministries that supply quality education and promote healthy learning.

Member Programs

Economic Opportunities

Providing employment and training for men and women who’ve been released from prison, facing obstacles as they return to their communities. The program promotes successful transitions and efforts to reduce recidivism.

Contact: Keusi Donald
Phone: 901.529.7294

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Excel Leadership and Scholarship Program

Excel seeks to help urban high school seniors plan and prepare for post-secondary opportunities. They also offer support, scholarship funding and leadership development for select college students.

Contact: Tracy Anthony, Program Director
Phone: (901) 725-3122

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Supporting refugees and immigrants in the greater Memphis community by preparing them for jobs in the construction industry.

Contact: Bob Whitsitt, Program Director

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Global Friends Memphis

Global Friends Memphis exist to welcome, serve & connect international students, faculty & their families through journeying together in faith & friendship.  We offer friendship to all faiths & provide a welcoming & hospitable international community.
Contact: Anna Adams, Program Director

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Heart to Heart

A partnership with Youth Villages that provides an on-site coordinator for their Spiritual Life Program. More than 350 youth in residential treatment have the opportunity to participate in weekly chapel, Bible Study and worship services.

Contact: Hilda Arsenault, Program Director
Phone: (901) 252-2955

Leadership Development

MLF offers two year-long training workshops to urban ministry leaders and pastors: Urban Arrow is a leadership and management training workshop. Transformational Giving is a fundraising workshop.

Contact: Larry Lloyd, Founder
Phone: (901) 729-2931

Refugee Empowerment Program

REP addresses the unique needs of Memphis’ refugee population through innovative empowerment programs and creative community outreach. Currently, REP serves over 350 refugees from 12 different nationalities.

Contact: Cam Echols, Program Director
Phone: 901.725.3103

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Restore Corps

Restore Corps exists to eradicate human trafficking by empowering survivors, equipping communities, and seeking justice through systemic change.

Contact: Rachel Haaga, Executive Director
Phone: (901) 410-3590

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Our Partners are ministry programs that MLF provides back-office support. Many are programs that MLF started and incubated as they have their own 501(c)3 designation.


ALLMemphis empowers teachers and literacy coaches in our community with the skills necessary to meet the unique learning needs of our youth.

Krista Johnson, Ph.D., Executive Director
Phone: 901-260-9669



Emmanuel Center

Serves more than 2,000 people each year through programs that inspire spiritual, physical, and educational growth. We provide recreational activities and continued learning and developing programs that include spiritual direction, social service programs, educational enrichment, and organized sports.

Contact: Angie Johnson, Executive Director
Phone: 901-523-2617
Mail To: 604 St. Paul Avenue

For The Kingdom

A 100-acre camp, conference and retreat center set aside to represent God’s kingdom on earth. An adventurous place filled with laughter, bonding, and unity.

Contact: Torrey Bates, Executive Director
Phone: (901) 383-1802
Mail To: 4100 Raleigh Millington Rd.

Leadership Empowerment Center (LEC)

Aids in bringing resolution to our youth's problems by meeting their spiritual, academic, and social needs through leadership as well as educational and recreational programming.

Contact: Marron D. Thomas, Executive Director
Mail To: 3925 Overton Crossing
Phone: (901) 358-7788

Let’s Innovate Through Education

Let's Innovate through Education empowers students of all backgrounds to launch social ideas to improve Memphis through a rigorous entrepreneurship curriculum, seed investment, and mentor matching.

Contact: Lakethia Glenn, Executive Director
Mail To: 650 York Street
Phone: 901.209.9119

Memphis Family Connection Center

Provides connection based trauma informed care to families impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). We support hope and healing for families through counseling, parent mentoring, occupational therapy, speech therapy, expressive art therapy, and parenting classes all provided through TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) model.

Contact: Mark Ottinger, MS, Executive Director
Mail To: 815 N McLean Blvd
Phone: 901.614.1902

We foster the belief that economic parity can be obtained through entrepreneurship and job skills attainment.

Mail To: 4945 American Way, Suite 4
Phone: 901.213.6118

Refugee Empowerment Program, Inc.

To empower refugees and immigrants in Memphis, TN by offering high-quality, tailored programming that encourages, educates, and equips individuals, families, and the community. We walk alongside our new neighbors as they integrate into American culture and work to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Contact: Cam Echols, Program Director
Phone: 901-500-3844

Su Casa Family Ministries

Su Casa welcomes the stranger, bridging the gap between first-generation Hispanic immigrants and resident Memphians. We identify the felt and actual needs of the community and recruit volunteers to engage those needs through teaching and caring for both adults and children, helping them to thrive in the new culture, and calling on them to be good neighbors.

Contact: Michael Phillips, Executive Director
Mail To: 1302 N. GRAHAM ST.
Phone: 901-320-9833

Heights Community Development Center

The Heights CDC builds community through just-housing redevelopment and a commitment to serving with and learning from our neighbors.

Contact: Jared Myers, Executive Director
Phone: (901) 730-6902

Our Affiliates

Our affiliates are ministries that we started, incubated, seed funded or served as fiscal agent that are 501(c)3s but we do not provide administrative services for them.


Through the love of Jesus Christ, STREETS engages, encourages, and equips youth to achieve their potential by realizing their God-given purpose. Staff and volunteers invest thousands of hours and resources connecting with our members, creating accountability and deeper relationships with students.

Phone: 901.525.7380

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CCHS operates six inner-city medical clinics and a mobile clinic, dentistry, and pharmacy services. The mobile clinic provides complete primary care services to the homeless. Christ Community serves anyone who needs assistance, regardless of insurance or the ability to pay.

Phone: 901.842.3160

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SOS provides opportunities for the Church to engage in healthy ministry among people in underserved neighborhoods, provides critical home repairs for homeowners in our partner neighborhoods, provides leadership development opportunities for urban youth, and seeks to train and equip servant leaders to know how to care for people in need.

Phone: 901.681.9044

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